What is Live Slots Game

What is Live Slots Game

If you’ve played slots or table games at an online casino, chances are you’ve already played one of Playtech’s casino games. Live slots game is one of the popular game released by Playtech.

However, in this article we are not going to talk about the normal Playtech casino games, but about the live slots from Playtech. It is known for its innovative approach and they were the first party to make this possible.

In 2019, Playtech launched the now very popular casino game Buffalo Blitz Live. This started out as a kind of concept where a single slot game could be played by hundreds of people at once.

The results of every spin or spin are commented on in this casino game in a live casino. This of course makes the game look a bit like a game show and really brings the game to life in an innovative way.


Live Slots Game Graphic 

First, let’s talk about the stunning graphics of Buffalo Blitz. The game is written in HTML5. This means that you can play the game on your computer or laptop as well as smartphone and tablet. Buffalo Blitz is of course animal-themed, somewhat reminiscent of an Indian slot or of Las Vegas itself.

It also with the sound effects and background music of this casino game are really beautiful. The more is used by all players, the more exciting the music becomes and the like. At Buffalo Blitz you will certainly not fall asleep while playing.

How do Live Slots Game Work

The game has a huge number of paylines, namely 4,096. In addition, there are many different multipliers available and you can get up to 100 free spins per spin. You can clearly see the different buttons at the bottom of your screen. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on your smartphone or on your laptop or computer, it should kind of speak for itself.

You simply set how much you want to bet and click play. What we have to say is that you can only play Buffalo Blitz automatically. This means that you choose a number of spins and then you play as many rounds. The minimum bet per spin or spin is 1 cent and the maximum is €80.

What makes Buffalo Blitz Live so popular is not just the fact that it is a live slots game. Rather that you can get up to 100 free spins. You can get free spins with scatter symbols.

Live Slots Game Payout Method

The Return to Player or RTP at Buffalo Blitz is 95.96%. This is many times better than the average slot machine at any other online casino. However, you should not attach too much value to this percentage because it is measured over thousands of spins. 

Your personal RTP can be very different, especially if you play much fewer spins, for example. However, you can calculate an average expected return in this way.

The variance is also very high with Buffalo Blitz live. This means that the payouts you can expect fluctuate a lot. Sometimes you win a lot and other times very little.

Multiple Live Slots Game from Playtech

It is clear that Playtech is now mainly busy with other live games and especially table games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat. For example, both live casino games Quantum Roulette and Quantum Blackjack from Playtech are now also extremely popular.

Quantum Roulette  and Quantum Blackjack

Other hugely popular live games from Playtech are the Quantum Roulette and Quantum Blackjack just mentioned. In Quantum Blackjack, multiple players play against the dealer. After each player has placed his or her bets, an additional card is drawn with a x3, x5 or x10 multiplier.

If a player has one of these cards in his or her hand and beats the dealer, they are paid the extra multiplier. These payouts can be up to 1000 times the player’s stake.

Quantum Roulette works a bit like Mega Fire Blaze Roulette. Every spin, specific numbers are chosen that pay out an extra multiplier in a kind of bonus round after every spin. You also don’t play Quantum Roulette alone. Multiple players all play simultaneously against the casino in a live casino environment.

There is of course a live dealer present who enthusiastically describes the course of the game. There is also a built-in chat function that allows players to communicate with each other and with the dealer.

Live Slots Game : Verdict

We are very impressed with Playtech’s live slots game. Fans of online slots can now also enjoy the live casino experience while playing their favorite games. In the live studio you are completely immersed in the game, while the live host provides commentary. 

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