We are a group of Linux enthusiasts formed by open-source software developers, Linux users and University Staff. Our common interest is to provide students and users with the environment to learn and apply open-source software. The on-line community, “XApple”, (short for Linux-XApple.org ) were established with friendships and setup the goal.

The goal of XApple has three focus fields: “Open Source, Education, and Public welfare.”

  • The “Open source” field, we are willing to be the vehicle to expand the open-source software development.
  • The “Education” field, is the philosophy to promote Embedded Linux in the educational programming, learning and applications by simple, affordable, powerful platforms.
  • The “Public Welfare” field, is to setup a beneficial organization to unite enthusiasts through low-cost products and open source software, and to expand social awareness.
  • Major SoC vendors also contribute to Xapple the open-sources development with the intention to provide a platform toward our goal.