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Treating Online Gambling Addiction, From Medical to Islamic Methods

There are many ways to treating online gambling addiction from medical to religious. This time we will thoroughly discuss this matter.

Surely not many of you know that online gambling sites are one of the most visited sites on the Indonesian internet network . Even to enter the top 25 list.

The high growth of the site as well as the temptation to get rich quickly are the reasons why more and more people are trapped in this online gambling circle. Even though behind this sweet promise, it turns out that there are many negative impacts that can be experienced by people who are addicted to online gambling games. 

Treating Online Gambling Addiction Has The Potential To Damage The Brain

Treating Online Gambling Addiction
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One of the bad effects that can be caused by addiction to playing online gambling is the risk of brain damage. Many consider that online gambling addiction is a trivial thing that shouldn’t be too worrying about. 

But actually this is a big mistake. The same thing was also expressed by Esct Thai, one of the owners of the best QQGALAXY gambling site in the Asian region. He said that excessive online gambling activity can put addicts at risk of brain damage.

Regardless of the ownership of the gambling stall, he hopes that playing activities should be based on just fun . So that it does not have an impact on a fatal addiction and is able to think rationally.

How did this happen?

Medically this can be explained. When a person is addicted to online gambling, there will be an increase in the production of dopamine compounds in the addict’s brain. Dopamine itself is a compound that is produced by the brain to provide a sensation of happiness.

Under normal conditions, Dopamine is not dangerous. However, when a person is addicted, this dopamine production will increase dramatically. Even this dopamine production can reach 10 times the normal state.

This excess dopamine production can flood the brain and cause damage. Damage to the brain will also cause a number of problems in the body, ranging from muscle stiffness, tremors to experiencing Parkinson’s.

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Treating Online Gambling Addiction Takes the Risk of Being a Victim of Data Theft

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Not only does it have a terrible impact on the brain, Treating online gambling addiction also makes addicts an easy target for data theft. Data theft itself is one of the most common cyber crimes on the internet. And keep in mind that many cases of data theft occur on online gambling sites.

The data that is targeted to be stolen is usually contact number, email address and bank account information. This stolen data can be misused or sold to companies that need it.

As information for those of you who are addicted to gambling and want to let it go gradually, then as much as possible choose online gaming sites wisely.

Browse the site where you play, see if you already have an official license certification. This is the standard of security to guarantee all your personal data . For example, one of the GarudaGame online sites includes the license .

Treating Online Gambling Addiction Can Make You Dealing With the Law

Having trouble with the law is definitely another negative impact that will be faced by people who are addicted to playing online gambling. Even though it is done online, gambling in Indonesia is still considered an illegal act and there will be criminal sanctions awaiting online gambling addicts.

This is stated in one of article 303 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code. In this article, it is clearly explained that parties who take part in online gambling games will be punished with a maximum imprisonment of 10 years and a fine of 25 million. The price is quite expensive to pay for a game right? 

One of the sites that has emphasized from the start about the impact of gambling that must be avoided is the MenaraQQ site . Where there are reasons for the cause and effect that will result from a gambling game, it is clearly stated on the website.

This confirms that the organizers have given a warning to every user to be able to respond to gambling activities wisely in order to avoid the bad dreams that are caused.

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Treating Online Gambling Addiction Can Corrupt Your Morale

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Moral damage can also happen to those of you who are accustomed to visiting online gambling sites, why is that?

To attract attention, most online gambling sites always place advertisements and pornographic content. For example, an advertisement banner with a picture of a woman dressed in sexy or half naked.

There are even online gambling sites that direct visitors to pornography-themed online dating sites, a type of sex video offering. If you are used to seeing the content, usually negative sexual thoughts will appear in your head.

Treating Online Gambling Addiction Cause Poverty 

 online slot sites
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It is easy to say that you can control yourself when gambling online. But what often happens is very different. Many online gambling addicts find it difficult to stop gambling, even when losing.

Playing online gambling can cause you to lose a lot of money for nothing. When you are in a bad financial situation, your potential to get into debt is very high.

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Treating Online Gambling Addiction Can Damage Your Computer or Smartphone 

Online Gambling Can Damage Your Computer or Smartphone
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For this part, maybe there are some who know about it. Online gambling sites are usually full of viruses and malware. Viruses and malware are usually embedded in the banner section of advertisements that hang or appear on online gambling sites.

If you click on the advertisement banner, chances are that your computer or smartphone will immediately be infected by malware. This malware itself can damage or force your device to install certain software / applications.

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Tips for not being tempted to play online gambling

Even though you may not be interested in playing online gambling games, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be vigilant so you don’t fall into this vicious circle. To keep you from falling for it, here are a few tips that can help:

1. Use the Internet Wisely

online gambling site

Using the internet wisely is one of the keys to not getting involved with online gambling. We suggest that you use your internet service to find information that is positive. Not for browsing negative things like gambling and pornography.

We recommend that you activate the safe search feature in your browser (if any), for the convenience and security of your browsing.

2. Stay away from negative environments

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The environment has a huge impact on the formation of a person’s character. A negative environment will also form a negative character. Therefore, if you feel that the environment you are hanging out with or living in right now is negative. You should consider staying away from it.

Start hanging out with friends who are good and can lead you to positive change. On the other hand, start limiting the time to hang out with friends who behave negatively like gambling online, drinking alcohol and so on.

By doing so, you will be able to live a better and more positive life in the future.

3. Fill Your Agenda With Positive Activities

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If you have some free time from routine activities such as studying or working, fill this free time with positive activities that can add value to your character. For example, you can try to improve your soft skills in a field that you like.

You can also fill your agenda with sports or social activities. This will have a positive impact on your body and also your psychological condition.

4. Always Draw Close to God

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God is the source of all goodness and religion is the way. By getting closer to God, your life will be on the right track and not fall into negative things. Therefore, start getting closer to God through worship. 

You should also take the time to occasionally follow your religious studies. Doing so will make your life more focused and calm. Negative thoughts such as the desire to gamble are less likely to arise.

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Medical Ways To Treating Online Gambling Addiction

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The advancement of the medical world has led to many emerging treatment innovations, one of which is related to the treatment of treating online gambling addiction. 

Currently there are medical treatments that you can use to treating online gambling addiction. The treatment we mean before is cognitive behavioral therapy which is also known as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). But what is this gambling addiction treatment method?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy. This process of gambling addiction is useful for training ways of thinking or cognitive function. Simply put, this therapy will help reshape the patient’s way of thinking about the object causing the addiction, in this case the online gambling game.

For example, you assume that online gambling games can make you rich quickly. So the doctor or therapist who runs this therapy will try to change your previous way of thinking with a positive way of thinking.

Not only useful for addiction to playing online gambling. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also useful for dealing with other problems such as depression, trauma, difficulty sleeping and also drug / alcohol addiction problems.

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Other Medical Options To Treating Online Gambling Addiction

Other Medical Ways To Overcome Online Gambling Addiction
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Undergoing rehabilitation as well as cognitive behavioral therapy are not the only medical treatment options you can choose from. You also have another option, namely by consulting a psychiatrist. 

As with the consultation, the psychiatrist will probably pick things up from you through a few questions. In this treatment, the psychiatrist will prescribe several types of drugs that can relieve your gambling desire.

As previously stated, the brain of online gambling addicts has an overproduction of dopamine. This is what makes online gambling addicts get the sensation of being happy or happy when betting on online gambling games.

The psychiatrist will prescribe a drug with the function of suppressing this happy sensation. One type of drug that we often prescribe is SSRIs, which are antidepressant drugs.

Apart from SSRIs, there are also other drugs that we also recommend for consumption by online gambling addicts, namely Lithium and also naltrexone. 

Of course, you cannot indiscriminately take the drugs that we mentioned. You should first consult the psychiatrist you are visiting.

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Islamic Ways To Treating Online Gambling Addiction

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In addition to medical methods, there are also ways to stop gambling according to Islam that you can try. The steps for treating online gambling addiction online are as follows:

1. Intention and Determination to Repent

A rock-solid determination is the most important thing you need if you want to get rid of or get rid of the negative habits of online gambling. Make up your mind and determination to stop gambling. Next, do the repentance prayer as a sign that you are asking for His forgiveness.

2. Prayers 5 times a day 

Another thing you have to do in order to quit the habit of gambling online is to re-establish prayer 5 times a day. If previously you rarely prayed, then start correcting this. 

Return to perform the prayers that you previously left. This will give you peace and can be a means to get closer to the Almighty.

3. Start Reading and Studying Al Quran

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Al Quran is a life guide for a Muslim which also stores various life solutions. By reading and studying, you will be able to live and respond to life’s problems wiser and better.

For that, it can be an idea if you delve deeper into the Quran and its meaning. Try to find a Koran teacher who can teach and guide you in studying the Quran.

4. Establishing Night Prayers

lottery online
Muslim woman praying

Apart from establishing compulsory prayers, we recommend enforcing night prayers. It is also to get closer to God Almighty. Performing night prayers will make your heart feel at ease and also keep negative thoughts away, such as gambling online.

5. Gather with pious friends

However, the environment has a very big influence in shaping a person’s behavior. If you choose to hang out with people whose behavior is not in accordance with religious norms and rules, then it is very likely that you will become like them.

For this reason, we recommend starting to move on to better associations. Try to build friendships with people who are knowledgeable about religion and good at behavior. If you do, then slowly you will change for the better.

6. Trying to fast

Online Gambling

Fasting is one of the things that is obligatory in Islam to hold back lust and at the same time strengthen piety towards the Creator. In this section, you can try to do some sunna fasts such as the prophet David’s fast, Monday’s fasts or the arafah fasts.

By fasting, you can also distance yourself from a number of negative thoughts. Like the desire to gamble online.

7. Increase the Night Dzikir

The final step for the treatment of treating online gambling addiction according to Islam is to increase the number of night dhikr. The best way to forget negative things is to multiply remembering the Almighty. 

Remembrance will keep your heart reminded of the Creator and ward off the temptation to commit immorality, including online gambling.


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From this long review, there are several important points that you can take, namely:

  • Treating Online gambling addiction is the main cause of excess dopamine production in areas of the brain that make gamblers experience a happy sensation while gambling.
  • Playing online gambling can put you at risk of becoming a victim of data theft via the Internet
  • Treating Online gambling addiction can cause brain damage and neurological disorders such as tremors and Parkinson’s.
  • Online gambling players can be caught in Article 303 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code with a maximum imprisonment of 10 years or a maximum fine of 25 million.
  • Moral damage due to frequently viewing pornographic content that you have on online gambling sites.
  • Online gambling can be a cause of poverty to debt problems.
  • Online gambling sites have advertising banners that are likely to contain malware or computer viruses that can damage your device.
  • CBT rehabilitation and therapy is one of the effective medical solutions for the treatment of Treating online gambling addiction.
  • Taking drugs such as SSRI antidepressants, Lithium or Naltrexone can help reduce the happy sensation of online gambling addicts when gambling. However, these drugs must be according to a doctor’s or psychiatrist’s prescription.
  • Islamic Treating online gambling addiction treatment can also be a healing option.

That’s a little of the discussion about how to treat Treating online gambling addiction . Hopefully this discussion can help you or those who are difficult to escape from the online gambling circle.

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