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Other Soccer Games of Chance

Other soccer games of chance. Judi Online Soccer gambling is a game that is often played by anyone who is truly passionate about gambling. Where you can earn money with your hobby in addition to a hobby with soccer.

Everyone who plays this game must have intuition or feeling and can analyze the teams that are going to play. The key to winning any football betting or football betting is not just luck. You need to use your skills to analyze the team that will play along with the coaches and players.

The excitement here is that you need to find information, both internally and externally, from the teams that are going to compete. You can use this information to decide which team will win or how many goals will be scored.

Of course, you have to dig up this information search from official or trusted media. So you can make good predictions yourself, because you cannot rely on luck alone. There are so many types of soccer games that you can play depending on which game you understand better.

Other Types of Soccer Games of Chance

The types of games typically played or voted for by members are: Handicap, Over / Under, and 1 × 2. But besides these types of games there are of course other types of games that are no less exciting. What types of games can you play other than the above? There are odd / even & 1 × 2 games, double chance, super combo, total goal, half time / full time, first goal / last goal. Here is the explanation below:

Other Soccer Games of Chance - FIN.CO.ID

Odds / Even & 1 × 2
Odd / Even, ie you estimate whether the total number of goals of the two playing teams is even or odd. In addition, there is usually also 1 × 2, which is divided into 2 parts, namely full-time or half-time.

Double chance
Double Chance is a game that is similar to a 1 × 2 game, but there is a slight difference that there is 1x, 12, x2. When you want to place a bet, you have two options, namely full-time or half-time bets. Here is an explanation of how to play:

  • 1x i.e. you bet that the home team (1 / home) will win or tie (x).
  • 12 i.e. you bet on the victory of the home team (1 / home) or the away team (2 / away).
  • x2 i.e. you are fighting for a tie (x) or the away team wins the game (2).

Super combo
Super Combo is a soccer game of chance that is almost similar to a parlay game. It’s just that in this game you can play games other than soccer, which is basketball, volleyball, badminton, marathon, etc. There are 2 columns in this super combo menu where you can bet full time or half time. Then there is 1 × 2, Handicap (HDP), Over / Under (O / U), Odd / Even (O / E).

Overall goals
The overall goal is for you to predict the total goals of both teams. There is a scale that you can place bets on, for example: 0-1, 2-3, 4-6 or 7 and more. With this bet you can of course bet on 1 full game or full time.

Half-time / full-time
Half-time / full-time, you are asked to guess the outcome of the game. You will be asked to guess the first half and this will be combined with the final result. The following information is available in the Half Time / Full Time menu:

  • H = home (home team)
  • D = drawing (dragging)
  • A = away (away team)
    There are many columns with the following information:
  • HH = Home Home = Has a meaning In the first round the home team won and in the second round also won in the 2nd round.
  • HD = Home Tie = You bet that the home team will win in the first half and then both teams will get the same result or tie in the second half.
  • HA = Home Away = You bet that the home team that wins in the first half and the second half will win the away team.
  • DH = Home draw = You choose to draw in the first round and the home team to win in the second round.
  • DD = Tie Tie = You choose to have a tie in the first round and in the second round.

First goal / last goal
First goal / last goal, i.e. you estimate who will score the first goal and the last goal. However, if the first goal is an own goal, it does not count and the goal that is counted or counted as the first goal is the next goal. Even then, the last goal that was scored by an own goal is not counted and the previous goal is counted. / Dy

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