How to Play Traditional Domino to Win

How to Play Traditional Domino to Win

The traditional domino game is one of the most popular games in Indonesia. Traditional domino games are usually played when family events are held. From this it can be seen that the traditional domino game is known as ‘Balak’. How to play traditional domino to win ServerQiu. Here’s the explanation.

Traditional Domino Game

Now traditional domino games or balak can be played via smartphones. So that it is no longer difficult to go to the gathering place by bringing dominoes and a game board. The main capital of the game is a smartphone and an internet connection.

How to Play Traditional Domino to Win

The advantage of the online version of the domino balak game is that it can invite friends from social media Facebook. Even though you and your friends are quite far apart. The domino log game is considered entertaining to fill a relaxing time.

How to play traditional domino online can be downloaded via the PlayStore App? It turns out that there are various versions of the traditional domino. Choose the most interesting domino log game. Usually in this one game is equipped with various features and attractive appearance.

Behind the popularity of domino balak, it turns out that its initial appearance came from China. But the naming of dominoes does not come from China, but the UK. The reason is, the domino matchmaking game was first popularized by nobles from the European continent.

The size of the domino itself is quite small, namely 3 cm × 5 cm. Each domino has a combination of two numbers that are divided into right and left sides. Where the number of numbers on both sides is marked with black or red dots.

Each of the dots on the right or left can be different or the same number. For example, points with the same number of 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, and so on. As for the number of special dominoes if the left and right sides are worth 0.

How To Play Traditional Dominoes

In fact how to play traditional dominoes is very simple. Each player can create their own game rules. The trick is to connect the ends of the domino card arrangement with other dominoes with the same number.

If it’s the player’s turn and they don’t have dominoes with the same nominal value, they will be skipped. Then the player says the word “pass” to continue to the next player. And so on until a player who has the same domino number is found.

Here the meaning of “Pass” is passing and willing to be stepped over. Remember the player who can finish the traditional domino he is holding for the first time comes out the winner. In essence, domino stone is like a domino game in general.

Usually in a match carried out by 2-4 people. If there are 4 players in total, they can be divided into 2 teams. Each team consists of 2 people. Meanwhile, if there are 2 or 3 players, they are played individually.

In each team there is a duty to be a commander. The game is also supported by the role of partners to inhibit the movement of the opposing team. Where players who work as partners will pave the way for the mandan in order to bring victory to the match.

Generally one traditional domino number consists of 7 numbers. Starting from 0-6, 1-6, 2-6, 3-6, 4-6, 5-6, and 6-6. The game begins with each player receiving 4 stone dominoes. The trick to knowing someone can win or not is by looking at the variation of numbers. If you find a player who has a large number of variations, it is most likely to win.

Domino games are not ordinary gambling that only relies on luck. Instead, players must apply smart strategies and are good at managing time. In addition, players are also required to cooperate with the team in order to quickly win the game. / Dy

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